Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mary fans:

I was thinking of making a 30-Day Challenge, Mary style! But, I need suggestions on what the days should be. I thought that it’d be more fun if we all contributed ideas. So, anyone up for it?


  1. frakyeahbamfs answered: any and all that is mentioned!!
  2. margotgrissom answered: Fave TV role, movie role, pretty outfit, ‘LOL! Y U wear that?’ outfit, quote, glasses, hairstyle, comedy moment, drama moment, …
  3. loveitloveitagain answered: yes to everything said before me! i’m in :)
  4. ladybamfs answered: I’m in…I like the favorite outfits idea! Love her clothes…love HER! ;)
  5. majorcrimesmem answered: I’m in…favorite Mary characters…quotes…love scenes
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  7. you-came-into-my-thoughts answered: Absolutely!
  8. until-the-next-time answered: We’re planning something sort of like that at the mary-mcdonnell LJ community, if you’re interested!
  9. dreamchildwhohalf-believedittrue answered: I’d love to take part in you’re challenge. As for the days it should be I would say maybe the 20th of January to the 20th of February!
  10. forsheiswhatiam said: Favorite oufits?
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    I’m in!!!!!! We should have a Mary fan fic challenge!
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